Air King Coupling
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09 May 2019
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Specification of Air King Coupling

SERVICE - Dixon Air King couplings are recommended for use on air lines for virtually any type of
pneumatic equipment. The maximum recommended working pressure for Dixon Air King
universal couplings is 150 PSI or less at ambient temperature (70°F).

FEATURES - Dixon Air King fittings have a universal head which is identical for all parts (hose ends,
male NPT and female NPT) within the ¼" to 1" range. This enables any two fittings (within that
range) to be directly connected regardless of hose shank or threaded size. Dixon Air King couplings
with interlocking ferrule also have the standard Air King universal head. This enables any of the Air
King with ferrule couplings to connect directly to any other Air King coupling within the ¼" - 1" range.
The ferrule comes attached to the fitting for easy installation. The ferrules can be swaged or crimped
depending on your coupling installation equipment.

CONNECTION - Connections are made by pushing two heads together and turning one quarter
turn in a clockwise direction. When this is done and the heads have seated properly, the small holes
through the flange on the side of each coupling head will line up. An Air King safety clip should be
inserted at this point to assure the Air King couplings will not become accidentally disconnected. If
a safety clip is not available, insert a cotter pin or wire type retainer through the holes. The fitting is
now ready to be put into service.

DISCONNECTION - Remove the safety clip, cotter pin or wire. Press the heads firmly together and
turn them counterclockwise. The heads will then separate. NEVER attempt to disconnect any
hose while pressure is in the line.

INTERCHANGE - Although Air King couplings may interchange with other manufacturers' fittings,
we do not recommend their use with other products. Not all locking heads are made to the same
standards as Dixon Air King. Use with other brands of fittings may create an unsafe condition, due to
poor design or worn equipment.


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